BK7 B270 Borofloat Fused Silica

How to Specify Your Planar (Barrier) or
Wedged (Redirecting) Optic from VPG

Three Quality Grades plus Custom Specification

When you wish to order or to specify an optical component from VPG, please take a moment to make sure that you review the following.

VPG offers three quick-to-specify optical grades, and, we will fabricate custom optics to your spec, including super-precision grade.

Note that QUICK TURN optics are available in Commercial (VPG G1) and Precision (VPG G2) grades (flats only) and they are pre-specified already for your convenience.

Length, width, or diameter

Commercial: (VPG G1) +/- .020in. .5mm
Precision: (VPG G2) +/- .005in. .125mm
High Precision: (VPG Laser) +/- .002in. .05mm


Commercial: (VPG G1) +/- .010in. .25mm
Precision: (VPG G2) +/- .005in. .125mm
High Precision: (VPG Laser) +/- .002in. .05mm

Surface Parallelism

Commercial: (VPG G1) 30 arc minutes
Precision: (VPG G2) 5 arc minutes
High Precision: (VPG Laser) 30 arc seconds or better

Surface Flatness (Reflection at 632.8 nanometer)

Commercial: (VPG G1) 2 waves per inch
Precision: (VPG G2) 1/4 wave per inch or better
High Precision: (VPG Laser) 1/10th wave per inch or better

Surface Quality (per MIL-O-13830)

Commercial: (VPG G1) 80/50
Precision: (VPG G2) 60/40 or better
High Precision: (VPG Laser) 20/10 or better

Edge Chips

Specify edge chip not encroach CA (clear aperature) and specify the max number of chips per surface allowed.

Edge Protection: bevels and chamfers

Specify edge and corner grinding to minimize damage of optical component during normal handling.  Remember to keep tolerances as open as possible to keep cost of fabrication to a minimum. (+/- .010 in. suggested)



Stains, fingerprints, residual residue from fabrication.  Example:  Optical component shall have no stains observable with the unaided eye.  Remove all finger prints and other surface contamination.


Specify that optics shall be individually packaged in such a manner as to protect all surfaces from damage as the result of shipping and normal handling.


For our -QUICK TURN- items, VPG reserves the right to substitute optical glass substrate materials sourced from different manufacturers, as long as the material properties, optical properties and quality of manufacture meet or exceed the specifications of the customer's order.

If you require a specific manufacturer's part number, or should you require certification of the materials used, we will be pleased to do it, but you must request a CUSTOM order.

More MIL-SPEC Info

Download MIL-O-13830

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