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B270 Optical Glass

B270 Glass Optical Properties
Thermal Properties
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (0/300°C): 95 X 10 -7/°C
Annealing Point 541°C / 1006 °F
Softening Point 724°C / 1335 °F
Strain Point 511°C / 952 °F

Mechanical Properties
Density 2.55 g/cm3
Knoop Hardness 542
Young's Modulus E=71.5 kN/mm2
Poisson's Ratio .219

Optical Properties
Refractive Index 1.5230

Chemical Properties
Hydrolytic Resistance class 3
Acid Resistance class 2
Alkali Resistance class 2

Electrical Properties
Dielectric Constant E=7