BK7 B270 Superwhite Borofloat Fused Silica Soda Lime Float Glass

Schott Filter Glass

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Common Applications of Filter Glass

KG filters:
  • Heat absorption / protection (copiers, projectors)
  • Protective glasses
  • Laser safety
  • Surgery & Dental
  • Periscopes
WG, GG, OG and RG filters:
  • Long pass filters
  • Blocking for shorter wavelengths (w/reflecting band pass)
OG filters:
  • Airport lighting
  • Rain sensors (as substrate)
  • Laser safety
RG filters:
  • Sensor applications
  • Infrared protection
  • Night surveillance
  • Bar code reader
  • Airport lighting
  • Laser safety
UG filters:
  • UV illumination (biology, security)
  • UV excitation creating visible luminescence
  • Fluorescence microscopy (immuno reactions)
  • Sterilization equipment
VG filters:
  • contrast-effect filters for black and white photography
  • as part of a set for 3-colour separation filters
BG filters:
  • Silicon receivers (sensitivity correction)
  • Video cameras (matching to human eye response)
  • Airport lighting
  • Eye sensitivity matching
  • Laser safety