BK7 B270 Superwhite Borofloat Fused Silica Soda Lime Float Glass

About VPG

On an extended trip to Asia during 1998, VPG founder and President Croy Davis realized that the United States and Europe were no longer assured a 'leadership' position in the manufacture of precision optics.

As he watched the industry grow, Mr. Davis knew that the complexity and precision required for each new generation of optical components was advancing far more rapidly than the domestic industry's methods of finding, training and developing the highly skilled production personnel required to support them. Without a step-function improvement, rising unit costs of precision optical components would soon drive photonics component manufacturing permanently offshore.

From Mr. Davis’ perspective this unfortunate circumstance transcends the economic issues. He believes that the loss of production capabilility is often followed by the exodus of R&D. As the electron is replaced by the photon, emerging photonics technologies are becoming one of the core intellectual properties for communications, computing, machine vision, aerospace & defense, consumer appliances and even the entertainment industry. What are the consequences of a potential scarcity of innovative domestic producers?

Reaching beyond traditional optical manufacturing to engage processes found in other competitive, rapidly scalable and innovative industries including, aerospace, computing, advanced materials and certain (innovative) automobile manufacturers, Mr. Davis founded VPG to bring those principles of success to what had formerly been an industry locked into its (existing) paradigm.

Simply put, VPG's strategy is to pursue the vertical integration of thin-film optical components (when it makes sense for our customers) either through captive production or tightly-coupled, flexible supplier contracts; to employ highly automated fabrication, inspection and assembly where doing so improves the company's ability to scale production and optimize production & costs; and, finally, to leverage the company's geographic proximity to the heart of the thin-film industry, so that VPG can keep an 'ear to the ground' and stay ahead of trends and customer demand.

This strategy proved very successful and today VPG can deliver volume production to the marketplace at prices and quality equal to or superior to any present offshore supplier.

For the foreseeable future, VPG will continue to improve our manufacturing processes that in turn increase quality, reduce costs and enable the future of ever more innovative optical components and advanced materials.

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