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Hot & Cold Mirrors, Dichroic Filters, Laser,
Quick Turn & Custom Optics

Volume Precision Glass is a fabricator of custom and quick-turn optical components and thin-film coatings for photonics, military, industrial and lighting applications worldwide. We're located in Santa Rosa, California, where thin-film optics innovation began!

VPG maintains both an inventory of ready-to-ship components and stocks of semi- processed materials to meet your quick-turn commercial and precision grade requirements for optical flats. We can quite often beat our competition on both price and delivery for optics like windows, filter glass, front-surface mirrors, longwave pass, shortwave pass, abrasion resistant, dichroic, front-surface mirrors, and bandpass filters.

Precision & Quick Turn Optics Online!

Our Custom and Laser grade products include non-standard dimensions, UV grade and IR grade materials, hot & cold mirrors, protected gold, silver or enhanced aluminum, diamond-like coating, dichroic, longwave pass, shortwave pass, bandpass filters and many other coated optics, all available by quote request online. Simply check out what you need in the right hand column, and then click on Custom Request on the right hand side of this page.

UV Grade, IR Grade, Optical Glass & Optical Filters In Stock

We inventory high quality UV and IR grade Fused Silica, Bk7, Borofloat, B270 Superwhite, NSG OZ & GE 124 Fused Quartz, Soda Lime (Float Glass) and colored glass filter materials.

Our Quick Turn glass products and filters include nearly 100 spectral types, including Schott and Ohara products in current production.

Quick-Turn Flat Optics Specifications

Click on Quick Quote for Commercial or Technical, or use our Custom Request for Laser Grade, custom sizes, coatings or custom fabrication, and get an answer right away!

'Commercial Grade' (1 - 3 Days to Ship)

  • Square, Rectangle or Disk Technical Glass or Filter Glass
  • Thickness: Metric: [mm] .5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 6.0
    English: [in.] .020, .040, .060, .080, .125, .250
  • Rectilinear: L1xL2; either length to 8.00 in [200 mm]
  • Diameter: Metric: [mm] 6,10,12,25,50,75,100,150,200 or English:
    [in.] .250,.375,.500,.625,.750,1.00,1.25,1.50,2.00,3.00,4.00,6.00,8.00
  • Edge Finish: Bevel 45° +/-.010 in.
  • Scratch/Dig: VPG 'G1' 60/40 [MIL-O-13830]
  • Flatness: VPG 'G1' 2λ /in
  • Parallel: VPG 'G1' <5 arc min
  • Dimensional Tolerance: +/-.004in
  • Minimum Order: $200

'Technical Grade' (4 - 5 Days to Ship)

  • As Above, Additional Specifications:
  • Scratch/Dig: VPG 'G2' 20/10 [MIL-O-13830]
  • Flatness: VPG 'G2' 1/4 λ /in
  • Parallel: VPG 'G2' <30 arc sec
  • Dimensional Tolerance: +/-.004in
  • Minimum Order: $300

Custom Thin Film Coating & Manufacturing

VPG provides thin-film coated specialty optics to our customers' specifications, Including: anti-reflection coatings, abrasion-resistant and diamond-like coatings, bandpass filters, edge and notch filters, dichroic optical filters, hot mirrors, cold mirrors & front-surface mirrors.

Our Custom Manufacturing services include fabrication, finishing, thin film coating and final sizing of substrates and finished components whose length and width or diameter measure from 1 millimeter to 200 millimeters. Your choice of substrates is available in thicknesses from 0.3 millimeters to 100 millimeters.

Our production resources include vacuum deposition, CNC, ultrasonic and conventional machining, precision scribe, lapping and polishing, dicing, sawing and assembly. Depending upon the volume, substrate, quality and dimensions of your materials and your particular requirements, you'll find we get higher quality product to you faster - at very competitive prices.